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How Sortext Boosted Ecommerce Sales of a Leading DIY Merchant

One of the greatest challenges of online retailers is converting their first-time visitors into customers. As a unique tool designated to transform the very first visitors to ecommerce sites into customers, here is how Sortext significantly increased the ecommerce revenues of a leading DIY merchant.
How Sortext Boosted Ecommerce Sales of a Leading DIY Merchant

A Leading DIY Merchant Aiming to Grow Fast and Smart

A do-it-yourself (DIY) approach to home upgrades and tasks is typically more enjoyable and less expensive. Moreover, it's simpler than ever for customers to be self-sufficient, thanks to the plethora of parts, expertise, and instructional videos available online. Not surprisingly, to reach their home design goals, customers are focused on construction materials, home furnishings, and lighting supplies, which has resulted in a multibillion-dollar worldwide DIY sector.

DIY-X (*) sells hardware and materials in Turkey for do-it-yourselfers ranging from casual hobbyists to ambitious and motivated self-starters. DIY-X has worked hard to pioneer the DIY idea through its network of retail locations by providing a diverse product assortment at a reasonable price. In addition, DIY-X clients receive frequent promotional offers and access various extra perks through the DIY-X Bonus Card.

DIY-X is one of Turkey's major DIY merchants with ambitions to dominate both the internet and physical markets in the region. To achieve this goal, DIY-X sought to significantly increase the number of items offered in its webshop, expand its online presence, and improve its online sales. In addition, it needed an automated ecommerce conversion platform that is scalable, efficient, and easy to use, helping DIY-X convert more of its 4 million monthly online visitors into paying customers.

After researching and testing several ecommerce conversion tools, DIY-X picked Sortext for its ecommerce initiative. DIY-X based its decision on Sortext's scalability, ease of use, transparent reporting, performance-based pricing, and exceptional performance in converting first-time visitors into customers.

Sortext is an ai-based ecommerce conversion platform. Sortext identifies the spending power of first-time visitors to ecommerce sites as soon as they land on the site. Once their conversion probability is completely zeroized, should they tend to leave the site without a purchase, Sortext offers personalized smart deals based on each visitor's spending power. By doing so, Sortext doubles the conversion of first-time visitors and boosts online retailers' ecommerce revenues by more than 20% without further investment.

A Growth Story with No Extra Investment

As soon as the start of the 14-day free trial on DIY-X's web store, Sortext automatically began to significantly contribute to the platform's conversion rates, average order values, and revenues. Consequently, DIY-X and Sortext jointly agreed to continue their collaboration without interruption. Here are the results and KPIs of their first month of collaboration.

A Selective Targeting of First-Time Visitors

Within the first month of collaboration, DIY-X had 3.67 million ecommerce visitors. During this period, Sortext targeted 220 thousand first-time visitors (%6.01) and delivered limited-time personalized deals based on their spending power, while they were leaving the site without a purchase.

On the other side, 3.45 million of the visitors (93.99%) were untargeted by Sortext, since they did not fulfill the targeting criteria, such as; being a first-time visitor, remaining on the site until their conversion probability is zeroized, and intending to leave the site without a purchase.

16% Higher Ecommerce Conversion Rate

Within the examined period, while the untargeted users generated 0.44% of an ecommerce conversion rate (ECR), the targeted users provided 1.70% (x3.9) of conversion. As a result, DIY-X's ecommerce conversion rate reached 0.51% with a 16% increase for all users.

25% Higher Per Session Value

Similarly, while the per session value (PSV) of untargeted users remained at TRY 3.30, the targeted users generated TRY 17.31 of that, which resulted in a per session value of TRY 4.14 (+25%) for DIY-X on all users basis.

7% Higher Average Order Value

During this period, while the average order value (AOV) of untargeted users remained at TRY 754, the targeted users, who have been explicitly offered personalized deals based on their spending power, generated TRY 1021 (+35%) of average order value. Consequently, DIY-X's average order value reached TRY 807 with a 7% increase on all users basis.

+25% Additional Sales Revenue

Overall, by targeting 6.01% of all users and offering them limited-time personalized deals based on their spending power as they were leaving the site without a purchase; Sortext generated TRY 3.8 million (+25%) additional revenue, 16% higher conversion rate, 25% more per session value, and 7% higher average order value for DIY-X.

(*) Due to confidentiality reasons, DIY-X is a code name that is used to replace the merchant's real brand name.