How to Create Sortext Report in Google Analytics

Click on the Sortext Report link provided to you, and follow the below-mentioned steps to create your report in Google Analytics.

1. Select your Google Analytics reporting view.
2. Select all Sortext reporting segments.
3. Click on Create button.

1. Click on Sortext Report link.

1. Click on Add Segment button.

1. Click on Custom view to select All Users and the Sortext reporting segments.
2. Click on Selected view to cross-check your segment selections.
3. Repeat the above-mentioned steps, if necessary.
4. Drag (< >) the segment buttons right to left, and put them in the given order.
5. Click on Apply button.

1. Click on Save button.
2. Click on OK button to save your report.
3. Find your report under Customization >> Saved Reports >> Sortext Report.