Sortext Product Sheet

Sortext is an ai-based ecommerce conversion platform. Sortext provides online retailers to double the conversion of their first-time visitors and thus boost their web store’s revenues by more than 20% with no extra investment.

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In general, returning visitors constitute 30% of a web store’s traffic and generate 80% of ecommerce revenues. However, although first-time visitors aggregate 70% of visitor traffic, they provide only 20% of revenues.

The main reason for this contradiction is the lack of data on first-time visitors and thus the lack of intelligent tools for converting them to customers. Consequently, the greatest challenge of online retailers is converting their first-time visitors into customers.


Imagine an intelligent tool that identifies the spending power of first-time visitors the moment they land on your site, and should they intend to leave without a purchase, it could provide the right deal to the right visitor at the right time.

Powered by advanced artificial intelligence technology, Sortext provides limited-time smart deals to each abandoning first-time visitor in real-time, as per their spending power. Thus, by delivering personalized limited-time deals that are valid just one click above their spending power, Sortext converts first-time visitors 2X more into customers and boosts your revenues by more than 20%.

Here is how Sortext adds to your KPIs and revenues:

• Identifies the spending power of first-time visitors the moment they land on your site.
• Follows them on your product pages until their conversion probability is zeroized.
• Waits, without intervention, until they tend to leave the site without a purchase.
• Instantly provides limited-time smart deals based on their spending power.
• Encourages them to complete their shopping promptly.
• Doubles the conversion of your first-time visitors and boosts your revenues by more than 20%.


Sortext is very easy to integrate, and it doesn’t require any IT efforts on your side. Sortext integrates with any web store in just one day by adding a simple javascript code on the site via Google Tag Manager. Sortext immediately goes live with limited-time smart deals and proves its value in just a few days. You can easily monitor Sortext’s contribution to your KPIs and revenues in real-time through a simple integration with your Google Analytics account.


Sortext has a flexible pricing model based on performance. Sortext provides 14 days free trial with no fees or commitments on you. Should you wish to continue after the trial, you can freely use Sortext at any time with no fixed fees or commitments but a success commission based on the revenues generated through Sortext. To start generating outstanding ecommerce revenues soon, book your free demo today.